a certain way

sun-dappled grass,

serene autumn scenes.

wine-soaked summers,

bill evans on a darkened winter day.

encountering a dash of green

amidst a bed of browning leaves.

such experiences carry me

through rough days,

though april rain gets me feeling

a certain way.

a reminder of earnest hugs

from long-absent friends.

solace revisited

when I need it the most.

a rain-kissed reward

escapes the ground.

the lingering scent of home,

kuala lumpur on a rainy march afternoon.

soft spring showers get me loving

a certain, familiar way.

Shameera Nair Lin is a writer and recent English graduate from Malaysia. Her creative interests primarily revolve around unearthing the anti-colonial implications of ecology, music, identity, class, and resistance. Her poetry is featured in Malaysian Millennial Voices (Maya Press, 2021), forthcoming zines and she is presently working on her second play. Find her on Twitter @therealsnl.

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