Cottage Nights

Summer’s luxuriant stems twine up the rusty downspout to the chamber where I sleep bring me princess-tower dreams from plant Rapunzels Vines of woody nightshade purple blossoms tomato-like but yield poison fruit red berries that entice bring only sorrow My dream-eyes visualize them as they creep with insidious glee round bedposts, carpet my counterpane with playing-card-spade leaves and drop petals like confetti on my pillow Adrienne Stevenson is a retired forensic scientist living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her poetry has been widely published in print and online journals and anthologies, most recently in Planisphere Q--Summer Rain, Black Bough Poetry, MacroMicroCosm, Page & Spine, Poetry and Covid, Jaden, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Lifespan vol.2, Bywords, Masque & Spectacle, Constellate Literary Journal, Uproar, Pages Penned in Pandemic. Twitter: @ajs4t

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