End of Summer

End of an era, end of an aura—of golden, carefree lightness

Hanging around the long days of light—the end of an illusion

The errant belief in the never-endingness of lengthened hours of sight.

Defying time, structure and routine—daring to transcend its narrow confines,

Opening eyes, minds and days to new possibilities, in every possible way

Finding fortunes in fun, frolic and play.

Forgetting the ephemeral—suspended in the moment,

Surrounded by a mirage, in the endless pursuit of buoyant, barefoot, blazing sunshine

As ultimate days sneak upon a rapid descent off the summit.

Managing that fast and slippery slope—slicker than popsicles sucked on, lying in a shady patch of grass

Slicker than the lemony droplet longitudes sliding down an icy glass.

Perhaps that is the pull, the tug of the other side--the short transient ticket to this roller coaster ride.

Ending before the end—before the sun goes down

Holding up for another one, hoping for each one to be a penultimate one.

Rolling down the steep hill—yet digging in its heels, rushing by road signs—projects, yet unfinished,

Guilt for not doing more—regret for every moment spent on a mundane chore.

Holding on, not letting go—trying to do my part

These last few days—I squeeze them hard

Before running out of summer, a summer still tethering my heart.

Kanwar Sonali Jolly-Wadhwa is a writer and poet. She writes in English, Hindi and Punjabi and has published poetry collections in all three languages. She has also published a collection of essays, “Gender: A Cross-Cultural Perspective”. Her Doctoral thesis “Women Writing Women’s Worlds” is currently under publication.

A wife, and mother living in Walnut Creek, she grew up in India and moved to San Francisco 25 years ago. She has been a panelist for the Lamorinda Art Council's Art Embraces Words. A member of the Diablo Writers Workshop, she often writes about the intersection of her Indian and American lives.

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