Haiku, drenched dog,

wrings himself corkscrew-like

from nose to tail,

water sprays in arcs.

He races in parabolas,

flying parallel to the level ground.

Sniffer perpendicular to the grass,

he bisects the rhomboid yard,

and conducts a final perimeter check.

With a half-step jump,

sideways stagger,

he moonwalks an invisible tangent,

triangle ears at right angle alert.

He hears me call, “Treat”,

and comes running for pi.

The author, JL Huffman, a former LPN, and now retired Trauma surgeon/ICU doctor, is a prior editor of NE FL Medicine and in print in the surgical literature. Her first poetry book, Almanac: The Four Seasons, published in 2020, won the High Country Writers Book of the Year award. Her 2021 focus is haiku. When she is not gardening or traveling, you can find her at and Twitter @JoanHuffmanMD.

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