I Still Forget Sometimes

Every so often when the wind blows just right

and carries the scent of the wild grey sea

there is a fleeting moment where I believe

so trustingly, so vividly,

that I am whole —

for one vibrant, joyful instant

between one heartbeat and another

I’ve forgotten they won’t be there

when I walk in the door.

And the emptiness that follows

is so much more vast and hollow,

its edges sharper, just from knowing

what that happiness could be.

Fija Callaghan is a writer and artist who believes in embracing the magic of everyday moments. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Bandit Fiction, Nightingale & Sparrow, Mythic Magazine, Green Ink Poetry, The Caterpillar, eucalyptus & rose Magazine, Dodging the Rain Poetry Journal, Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, Steam Ticket, littledeathlit, Crow & Cross Keys, and Wyldblood Magazine. She lives between the seaside and the stars on a diet of dark chocolate and stories.

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