Issue 6 - September 2021

Welcome to the sixth issue of eucalyptus & rose! I can hardly believe we've come this far already! Nicole has asked me to write the September editor's note, and I'd like to start by thanking you for your continued support. We hope you love the pieces we've selected for September as much as we do.

From the beginning, Nicole's vision for the magazine was always to provide a place for writers who feel adrift in the world of high-stakes, high-drama publishing. We both know the struggle of being writers with "autumn breeze and cozy sweater by the fire" souls who want to write about the small but pivotal moments that slowly build our characters over time. I felt the pull of this vision deeply, and the last few months of reading your submissions has shown me that we're not alone. As more and more of you join us, we will show the value of quiet, thoughtful writing to uplift and inspire, and I hope to see it for many issues to come.

As always, we thank you for your patience as we read through submissions and send responses. September brings the start of the school year to my house, and with three young children running around, I often find myself busy creating the same kinds of moments and memories we love to feature here at eucalyptus & rose. It is in the quiet lulls between that I read your work, and I've come to love the rush of discovery that comes when I open a piece that I know will be one we choose to share with our readers.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our September contributors for their faith in our vision. It takes a brave person to send the work of their heart to others, and we could not exist without you. Have a lovely month and we look forward to meeting you all in the comments!


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