Issue 7 - October 2021

Welcome to the seventh issue of eucalyptus & rose. Britain and I can't wait to share this month's pieces with you all, from spooky words and everything in between.

As mentioned in previous notes, we have continued to notice our submissions coming in more rapidly, requiring us to post a few messages on our Twitter account (@eucalyptuslit) to advise of the status of submissions. We are still generally able to respond within the four-week timeframe, though we do occasionally have to take a bit longer to evaluate some of the submissions and ensure we are providing the highest quality content each month for our readers. We will continue to provide these updates on Twitter when necessary so nobody is left wondering if their submission was misplaced or missed.

We would like to extend all our thanks to our contributors for October, as well as all those who submitted, coming from various places around the world and on the Internet. We appreciate you trusting us with your work and look forward to reading more poetry, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction for our November release.

Please feel free to browse through our October pieces and leave hearts/likes and kind comments. Have a lovely month!


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