Morpheus decorates unconsciousness

Sleep catches me awake and alone

And moved to kindness, hosts a party for my psyche.

Oblivion sends invites through numbed neurons

And Morpheus decorates unconsciousness.

Who turns up, between glowing strings of bunting,

In the violet garden of wistful summer,

Beneath a starry evening sky?

Who stays until creeping amber darkness,

Mingling for rose conversations, daisy smiles,

Picking fruit from tables weighted by sweet colour?

Who lingers while moths flit and take flight,

In the dazzling peace of forgetful dreams,

Crossed by fairy lights and nameless owls?

Guests and their shadows, light and dark reminders

How time passes unhindered, uncounted

Taking with it me, and who else?

Catriona Roy is from England and studies physics at university in Scotland. She writes science articles and poems in her free time, depending on whether she is craving fact or fiction. Her favourite haunts are quiet graveyards, rugged hills and cosy bookshops.

Twitter: @RoyCatriona

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