my love letter to the ocean

my body sleeps as my soul finds her way to you time and again, watching your waves ebb and flow, revitalized as they curve around rocky shorelines and form patterns in the sand, shining seaglass and creating, always creating - every crash or soft brush that barely meets the shore is beautiful in its own way, serving a purpose, peace and solace and serenity and i am mesmerized by your white-caps on a windy day; little blips lost to most in a vast abyss of blue but i notice you and i will never tire of you, the way your color changes, switching shades in sunlight or on cloudy days, moody and mysterious and magnificent and when i am finally reunited with you in the flesh, i know i will be content to sit along your edge, feet in pools of cool blue as my mind wanders and talks to you.

Linnea Durbin (they/she) is a queer writer from the Chicago area. When not writing, they can be found lounging with their pets, creating other variations of art, or rewatching their comfort movies and tv shows.

Twitter handle: @starkpaperco

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