Nature's Beautiful Things

The world of nature is not

Beyond where we are

When we can’t reach it.

I think

Of all the sunsets I have seen

When it gets dark -

Forgetting the candles I have lit

Create their own dusks and twilights.

Why did I think this roof could keep out the sky?

That windows place me on just one side?

I am not separate from nature’s beautiful things –

My body knows the shapes of roots and leaves

My face moves with the flowers -

We share that same feeling

Of skin being warmed by the Sun.

I am not stuck inside -

My very thoughts are streams,

Alive and always moving.

LJ Ireton is an emerging poet from London. LJ has a 1st Class B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature from The University of Liverpool. She is passionate about nature and animals and her vegan/animal rights poetry was featured by 'Quaker Concern For Animals' in print and online in 2019. Her history poetry was published in the April 2021 Marble Poetry Broadsheet. Her nature poem 'The Magpie' will be published by Minnow Literary Magazine in May 2021.

Twitter handle: @Literaryvegan

Insta handle: @thepoetryoflj

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