no greater declaration

Our wedding vows were for sickness and health,

Prosperity and poverty, sunny days and stormy nights.

They did not include this:

Our son and daughter,

Weaving tape and rubber bands and hair elastics into my hair as I slept.

You have been standing here for three hours now

Unsticking tape fragments

Unwinding rubber bands

Untwisting hair elastics.

Our wedding vows did not include this,

But I can think of no greater declaration of love

As you stand here

Patiently restoring my hair to some semblance of order.

Regina Jade is a writer and poet who lives in the US. She loves chocolate, custard tarts, and cats. In her spare time, she can be found trawling the depths of libraries for new books to add to the to-be-read pile, which never seems to get any smaller.

Twitter: @thereginajade

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