Piano Recital (for Rebekah)

You sit at the piano, and turn

with the elegance of autumn, 

rendering the ache of death beautiful 

against the pale light of a shifting sky. 

Your shoulders sway after the rhythm 

of a pulsating pensiveness,

meeting the edge where yearning 

yields to touch patience. 

Your fingers create cascades of teardrops,

as the rain outside fills the cupped palms 

of rose petals, shedding themselves to sing 

songs of the changing earth’s vibrations. 

And with each note’s rise and fall,

this music within our hearts

is ringing the bells’ hidden oceans. 

In a momentary pause,

motes of dust turn to gold in the air, 

and the dead weight of sadness

goes flying.

Natalie Lester is a poet currently residing in Ithaca, NY. She has other work forthcoming in Poetic Sun and Spirit Fire Review.

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