Sitting on the front porch with you

I want the walls of our house

to make us feel like royals.

Dinner table full,

feasting on a Friday night.

I want our fridge to be covered

with our travel stories,

letter magnets to spell I love you.

I want the plants in every room

to keep us grounded,

fireplace to smell like home.

I want our family picture traced

in crayon with a sun in the corner,

pencil drawn marks on the door frame.

I want to sit on the front porch

with you, planning our flight to a foreign land.

You and me sippin’ on afternoon coffee,

waving the new neighbors hello.

Thaina Joyce (she/her) is a multiracial, Brazilian-American poet based in Maryland. She aims to create work that empowers, connects the human experience, and evokes new perspectives. Thaina has a poem forthcoming in the Spring edition of Sledgehammer Literary Review. Instagram: @thainawrites; Twitter: @teedistrict.

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