let us begin with an ordinary circle

the rounding up of creative souls

an annual party where we gather

as a literary salon of poets, artists

newly nibbed pencils, fresh parchment

the clink of ice, fresh muddled mint mojitos

melting as one mind

in the magic of togetherness

the jumble of nostalgia

out before us the clear ocean

at home a kiss we’ve left behind

yet here a wish for summer’s heat

the taste of salt, sweet sweat

the small joy of an azure sky

of bright flower and greening leaf

the heady scent of rose and eucalyptus

thick, yellow and organic

this is how friends smell, what they feel like,

think and wonder, soft edges, tough minds

JL Huffman is a retired trauma surgeon/ICU doctor and a prior medical editor of NE Florida Medicine. She is printed in the surgical literature (publish or perish) and has won numerous poetry contests. Her first poetry book, ALMANAC: THE FOUR SEASONS was published in 2020. She has works in three compendia of the Mad Poets Society of Philadelphia and three of the Moonstone Arts Center’s anthologies. In addition, she has poems in BEING A WOMAN SURGEON: SIXTY WOMEN SHARE THEIR STORIES and HIGH COUNTRY HEADWATERS III. In 2021 she has had multiple haiku accepted for publication. She is a gardener and an avid world traveler (once again after COVID ebbs). She writes in diverse genres: poetry, memoir and fiction. You can find her on Twitter @JoanHuffmanMD or at her website https://jlhuffman.com.

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