Wisteria Frenzy

Vines veer skyward

spiraling on lattice walls

curling, climbing aloft

Tendrils twist toward sunlight

dancing counterclockwise

at spring’s frantic pace

Blossoms burst and sway

flutter in morning breeze

perfuming garden air

Purple pulses outward

a hundred petaled fingers

wave enchanted welcomes

Multi mini blues

lavender lilac and mauves

hum rhapsodies in bloom

Spring sings with wisteria’s

floral chorus

clamoring for celebration

Lorelei Kay is the author of a three-time award-winning memoir, From Mormon to Mermaid—a Woman’s Voyage from Oppression to Freedom, (Dog Ear Publishing, 2016), available on Amazon.

Lorelei became hooked on poetry when her dad sat her down and helped her write her first poem. She later attended Brigham Young University on a journalism scholarship.

Her poems have appeared in anthologies, online publications, and magazines.

Lorelei has served as a poetry judge for the California Writers Club Literary Review, on the Blue Ribbon Judging Panel for Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, as a mentor on the Dorothy C. Blakely Memoir Project, and on the board of the High Desert Branch of The California Writers Club.

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